For the theater festival Tweetakt the SETUP Utrecht initiative was asked to create an interactive installation. For Tweetakt Vincent Ruijters, Jelle van der Ster and Levien Nordeman build a digital and analog marble lane where children can create there own marbles. When a new marble is created it is measured, weighted and named during it's travel through the marble lane. If the marble passes all these test the visitors can take their marble home. The digital marblelane was on display from the 20th till the 28th of march on the Neude Square in Utrecht. About 2800 children of all ages visited the marble lane during the week, and about 15 kilo's of marbles was used.

Concept & Design : Vincent Ruijters

Concept & Electronics : Jelle van der Ster

Concept : Levien Nordeman

Photography : Marijke Vlaar

ExhitibionTweetakt Theater Festival, March 2010, Neude, Utrecht, NL

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